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The Docs and the CEO Radio Show
April, 2014
Dr. Heermann was invited to speak as an expert on violence prevention and mental health.

Transforming Lives via Teleconference
Spring, 2014
Special highlight of our group program in Andrew Weil's AzCIM Alumni News.

7 Foundations of Health and Happiness Highlighted.
November, 2013
Dr. Heermann's book featured in authors' section of American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine newsletter.

Synergenius Achieves Telepsychiatry Synergy Using Zoom. 
February, 2014
Presents a case study of our telepsychiatry practice, exploring the use of technology to achieve connection and results.

Ch. 7 KETV Healthwatch Asks, UNMC Answers
December 31, 2010, UNMC College of Medicine
"What can I do to live a happier life?"


Ch. 7 KETV Healthwatch Asks, UNMC Answers
January 21, 2011, UNMC College of Medicine
"Can breathing exercises improve my health and how do I do them?"


University of Nebraska Medical Center
Department of Psychiatry

Grand Rounds, November 10, 2010
Mind-Body Medicine: Biological Basis and Practical Applications in Psychiatry


University of Arizona Medical Center
Grand Rounds, April 27, 2005
Integrative Psychiatry




Click here for a series of videos about how to apply the 7 Foundations of Health and Happiness in your daily life!


7 Foundations Video

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