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Our individual support options are ideal for busy people with hectic schedules. These are our most customizable options, from one-on-one consulting sessions to workbooks you can explore whenever and wherever you choose. Our programs are self-paced, so you can work at the speed that fits for you. For those who prefer one-on-one support, these programs also offer personalized service focused on your specific needs and goals.

Our Individual Services

7 Foundations of Health and Happiness: First Steps - An introduction to the 7 Foundations: Rest, Movement, Nutrition, Self, Relationships, Work, and Meaning.┬áThis book provides essential questions to help you determine how “solid” your foundation is, and help you to identify areas of imbalance in your life.

7 Foundations of Health and Happiness: Building a Bridge To Balance - This book provides further thought-provoking questions for each Foundation, allowing the reader to better assess their current level in the Pillar System - Insufficient, Enough, Optimal and Perfect. It guides the reader through choosing which Foundation to begin improving, how to create an action plan, and tips to be successful.

7 Foundations Exploration Session - A 30-minute one-on-one consultation with Dr. Heermann in which the participant is able to ask questions about the Foundations, the Pillar System, and how to implement what they have learned. A perfect “next step” to those who have read and completed The 7 Foundations of Health and Happiness: First Steps or The 7 Foundations of Health and Happiness: Building a Bridge To Balance.

Radical Self-Care: Private Consulting - One-on-one consulting with Dr. Heermann for those individuals who want or need direct guidance on implementing their goals for stress management and life balance. Available in one-hour increments or a six-month package, Individual Consulting allows the client to explore their life in-depth and resolve issues that may be barriers to self-change. Six-month packages include unlimited email support between sessions, free attendance in one of the Group Consulting sessions, and a free copy of 7 Foundations of Health and Happiness: Building a Bridge To Balance, as well as all seven Foundation Resources, and the Bonus Resource on effective life change.

If you are looking for mental health services, please visit our sister company, SynerGenius Telepresence. 



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