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I have known Dr. Heermann since her first Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) Professional Training Program in 2001, when she was a medical student. I also worked with her during her certification and internship programs with CMBM.

Chanel possesses a nice combination of compassion and humor that allows her to create a safe, supportive environment in which others can explore and transform their lives. She brings her full, authentic self to her work with others, serving as a wise guide and source of strength for clients on the challenging path to create their own ideal lives.

Her innate curiosity and passion for the field of mind-body medicine has laid the foundation for a deep and growing understanding of the scientific principles of Mind-Body Medicine as well as its potential for improving the lives of those who practice it.  Her accessible and engaging teaching style makes it easy for her patients and students to learn the principles and practices that will help them relive their stress and pain.

I highly recommend Dr. Heermann to those who wish to overcome stress, create balance in their lives, and live every day with greater integrity.

James Gordon, MD

Founder and Director, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine
Clinical Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Family Medicine, Georgetown Medical School
Former Chair, Program Advisory Council of the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Alternative Medicine
Former Chairman, White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy

If 50% of psychiatric care was about what Dr. Heermann is doing and the other 50% pharmaceutical, we would have quite a different America.  I really appreciate how she is helping people approach their problems.  Dr. Heermann has done great work in figuring out a holistic approach to mental health care.

Bill Manahan, MD

Assistant Professor Emeritus, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Past president of the American Holistic Medical Association
Founding member and lifetime certified diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine
Author of Eat For Health: A Do-It-Yourself Nutrition Guide for Solving Common Medical Problems

Chanel attended her first CMBM Professional Training Program in 2001, while she was a medical student.   She and I worked together when she returned for her certification program in 2008-2009, and her later internship in 2010.

It was clear from the outset that Chanel had a mastery of the subject matter and taught in such a way that group members found it easy to comprehend. She answered questions in a timely and appropriate way. Chanel also excelled in her ability to facilitate group process. She presented herself in a non-judgmental and compassionate way , always reaching out to show support for emotional issues that arose in the group members. Her bright smile and caring nature was always a source of strength for the group.

Chanel shows a tremendous capacity for self-reflection and looking at her "growing edges". I feel it has been a privilege to have been her clinical supervisor.

Bob Buckley, LCSW

Senior Faculty Member and Clinical Supervisor
Center for Mind-Body Medicine
Washington, DC


It is with pleasure that I reply with comments and feedback regarding the mind-body program you conducted in my department during the 2008-2009 Academic Year.

This was a worthwhile departmental program.  Our Counseling and Health Care Department had just undergone a 40% turnover in staff.  Understandably, achieving staff cohesiveness was instantly a challenge.  Allowing staff to have time off to attend Dr. Heermann’s mind-body series went far towards breaking down barriers and erecting trust.

I am so pleased to reveal to you that this department has undergone such a positive change over a year ago.  There is now present a collegiality and a belongingness.  It is very apparent that these effects have “leaked” into those important areas of enhanced quality services to our clients.

LeAnn Obrecht, RN, LIMHP, EdD

Director, University of Nebraska at Kearney,
Counseling and Health Care


I have known Chanel Heermann, MD, since her early days as a medical student at UNMC, where I was fortunate to serve as one of her faculty advisors. During medical school, Dr. Heermann first developed a strong interest in holistic medicine and innovative approaches to wellness promotion.. In addition to her psychiatric residency training at the University of Arizona, Dr. Heermann has studied with some of the leading experts in the world in integrative medicine (Andrew Weil, MD) and mind/body medicine (James Gordon, MD). She has also completed advanced training in positive psychology and compassionate communication.

Dr. Heermann has combined her cutting edge training and years of clinical experience to create her own unique, state-of-the-art SynerGenius services. Her helping philosophy is strengths-based, solution-focused, life-affirming, and grounded in the latest scientific research findings. I highly recommend SynerGenius to individuals and organizations that are interested in achieving important goals and moving toward peak performance.

David Carver, PhD

Director, Counseling and Student Development
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, Nebraska

I enjoyed attending Dr. Heermann's workshop on incorporating meditation into clinical practice. I now routinely teach meditation techniques to patients with anxiety disorders, and find it is particularly helpful for patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Those patients can be taught to redirect their attention from their obsessive thoughts to some other focal point. As they gain competence in this task during formal meditation sessions, they are better able to redirect their attention away from these thoughts throughout the day. I was particularly enthusiastic to learn about the Kundalini shaking meditation. This was very helpful to me personally to relax my jaw and relieve recurrent problems with teeth clenching and bruxism. I've recommended that technique to several patients with similar concerns.

Bob Ellis, MD

Howell, MI

Dr. Chanel really helped me to realize what was important and joyful in my life,and to understand that it is OK to say no to things that do not/will not serve me.

Sasha Barajas

Group Workshop Participant

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